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Breaking News – Malaysian Christian Leaders Asked to Attend Important Meeting with Malaysian Prime Minister

The recent headlines in a local Malay daily, on Christianity becoming the national religion of Malaysia, has sparked wide spread confusion amongst the Malaysian public. Malaysians were so confused that many did not turn up for work today since there was a rumour that the Prime Minister will declare a public holiday to commemorate this historic occasion.

On another front, many Malaysian Christian leaders were instructed to meet the Prime Minister at Putrajaya to discuss the controversy. Domino Popmycherry Mayam, the head Bishop from the Church of His Father, Her Mother and That Lady, when asked why he was asked to go to Putrajaya, said that, he received a telephone call asking him to attend a meeting with the beloved Prime Minister at Putrajaya. He said the person was stern over the phone and offered no explanation on the reason for the meeting. “But he said that I must attend at all cost or else,” Domino continued. Nevertheless, Domino was excited because he can get a chance to tell his friends that he met the beloved Prime Minister and he was also hoping that he might get a chance to take a photo with him.

Apart from Domino, other Christian leaders and personalities like Reverand Tommy Thetutu, Archbishop Perry Khoo, Father Nielsen and the famous Christian pop-group, The Deflowered Alterboys, are also expected to attend. It was believed that an order was also given to the Pope to attend but the Pope had mistakenly ended up in Malawi. The Vatican was believed to have sent their apologies to the Malaysian Government.

Swami Narayana Kutty Biggalingga and Ramasamy a/l Polliah of the Hindu Lingam, was also spotted at the gates to the Prime Minister’s office. When asked what they were doing there, Ramasamy said he was furious that he was not invited for the meeting. When explained that the meeting was only for Christian leaders, Ramasamy said that the Hindu’s would also like to voice their displeasure. When asked what this displeasure was, Ramasamy said that there are not enough temples in the country for the Hindus. They were soon after seen leaving the gates after some officials in suits had spoken to them and handed Ramasamy a parcel. We noted a tussel between Ramasamy and the Swami  over the parcel, as they were leaving.

Our reporter contacted the religious authorities from the Buddist faith to get their views. Monk Bhodisdharma Dylamo when contacted over the phone over this meeting, said in a very serene and calm voice “Man’s wife his bitter half, his mistress his better whole.” When asked to explain what he had just said, he went on saying “Don’t sweat the petty stuff, and don’t pet the sweaty stuff….”. He then hung up.

No Muslim leaders were contactable this Thursday evening. All calls to their mobile were unanswered. We are not sure the reason for this but we have faced this problem many times before when calls are made Thursday nights.

Our report will continue with updates on the meeting.


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