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Malaysian Prime Minister Arrives In New York to Promote Malaysia to American Investors

New York – Beloved Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Nabij arrived at New York yesterday amid some confusion at the airport. A large crowd of Malaysians which included corporate figures and government officials, who had flown in a few days earlier from Malaysia, embassy officials, JPA sponsored students from the prestigious Berkshire University of New York and reporters were waiting for his arrival. Also present were a ‘kompang’ (Malaysia’s official percussion instrument) troupe accompanied by ladies carrying the ‘Bunga Manggar’ (décor often used at Malaysian functions and weddings). What came as a surprise was the presence of President Barack Obama and high ranking US government officials.

When Prime Minister Nabij’s plane arrived at the airport, a red carpet was placed on the tarmac to welcome him. As he appeared from the plane, he was delightfully surprised to see President Obama waiting at the foot of the airstairs. President Barack Obama and the US contingent had a surprised look on the faces upon seeing Prime Minister Nabij and his aesthetically enhanced wife.

“Who is this guy? Why does he have cherry-red lips?” Obama was heard asking his aides. There was confusion and slight panic noted within the US contingent, with quite a number of them seen frantically making calls. The President’s security personnel seemed on heightened alert and rushed closer to the President. Pretty soon they were seen moving him away from the plane. Some snipers spotted on the roof of the airport, had their sniper rifles pointed at the beloved Prime Minister.

One of the security personnel moved closer to the airstairs and held up his hand. “Sir, please remain where you are and identify yourself,” he said sternly while looking at Prime Minister Nabij. Prime Minister Nabij, who was shaking at this point said “I aammmm Nabiiiijjj, PM of Malaysiaaa. I….here to open the Invist Malaysia 2011 at NKVE. Whaaa izz problem? His knees were becoming weak. His wife ran back into the plane for cover. All the Malaysian VIPs, officials and students panicked and were seen running helter skelter. Most headed back into the main terminal. Some hid behind the wheels of the plane.

It was a tense situation. Then, within the minute, a sense of calm came upon the scene when one of the US officials was seen waving to the security personnels and smiling. He then spoke in confidence with the President. The President sported a smile on his face while talking to this official. He then walked up the airstairs while shaking his head in disbelief. He grabbed Nabij’s hands and shook it hard and gave him a hug. Nabij was still shaking and looked confused. He was listening intently to Obama. Nabij was sporting a look of displeasure but this changed quickly to a look of relief. Nabij was finally smiling and for a brief moment, was seen head-butting Obama gently. They both had their arms around each other as they walked down the airstairs and headed for the VVIP lounge at the JFK airport. 

It was later that we understood that the President and his team were at the airport to welcome the new Lebanese Prime Minister, Najib Mikati. The similarity between his name and that of our beloved Prime Minister had resulted in this embarrassing confusion. Prime Minister Mitaki was scheduled to arrive at the same time as Nabij but his plane was delayed.

Our report will continue with Nabij’s Appearance at Invest Malaysia NYSE 2011.


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