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KFC Malaysia Launches 1Malaysia Meal and Expected to be a Big Hit with Malaysians

Kuala Lumpur – KFC Malaysia today launched their latest meal package in support of the 1Malaysia concept mooted by the beloved Malaysian Prime Minister.

According to its CEO, Mr. Mamat, ever since the beloved Prime Minister mooted the idea of 1Malaysia, KFC Malaysia has been working hard to formulate a meal package that resonated with this concept and also something that has a true Malaysian flavor to it.

After many creative endeavors, which lasted months, they have finally succeeded. The new meal package, which has, as its main offering, chicken wings from the exquisite Mongolian chicken and local meatballs, is called the 1Malaysia Meal.

The KFC Malaysia design team, in an effort to create a stronger Malaysian look, has also replaced their signature Colonel Saunders face with that of Colonel Nabij, who was also a former defense chief and decorated war hero.

“Why do we need an American hero? We have our own local hero. Malaysia boleh…” said Mr Mamat.

Many who have tried the new meal package, described it as having a burnt and plasticy taste.

“That is the 1Malaysian flavor. This ‘explosive’ new flavor reflects everything happening presently in Malaysia and will definitely gain a lot of popularity among Malaysians. It will take Malaysia by storm!” said Mr. Mamat in response to the feedback.

The 1Malaysia Meal


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