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Breaking News – Malaysian Indian Party (MIC) Ex-President and Ex-Malaysian Works Minister, Datuk Seri Semi Value, Finally Found

Ipoh (7th June) – The entire media fraternity was excited when news on the whereabouts of Ex-MIC president, Datuk Seri Semi Value, was passed on by an anonymous caller to a local Tamil daily.

The anonymous caller, who identified himself as Nice Black Man, had called the office of Tamil Batu Nisan, a popular Malaysian Tamil newspaper, and disclosed the secret location of the ex-minister.

Semi Value had disappeared from the Malaysian political and media scene after he quit as President of MIC, a post he has held for aeons.

Soon after, news of Mr. Value disappearance hogged the media headlines and this even prompted speculations that he had committed suicide by consuming paraquat, a practice constantly extolled by the Tamil cinema.

When journalist arrived at the Jelapang Toll Booth, the place where Semi Value was claimed to be, he was seen handing out toll tickets.

Upon seeing the big group of reporters, he tried to hide in the booth. But he later re-appeared with a smile and told the reporters that he is busy at work and can only see them during his lunch break.

As the reporters waited, they saw how Semi Value was carrying out his duty with such passion and dedication.

“He was totally absorbed in his work. I have never seen anyone work with such passion..,” said one reporter.

While waiting for Semi Value, a few reporters stopped some drivers to get their view on Semi Value.

“Halo auntie, you ada kenal itu orang dekat itu toll, ka?” asked a reporter to a old Chinese lady driver. (Do you recognize that guy at the toll booth?)

“Sapa…itu India..ka. Aiyah tatau laa eetu siaapa. Sayaa takut lo tenguk dia. Rambut macam hantuu..Muka macam samseng..” she replied. (Who? That Indian Man? I was afraid looking at him. Horrible hair and he looks like a gangster.)

“Tapi auntie, itu ialah Semi Value, kita punya menteri, laa” said the reporter trying to bring some excitement into the Chinese lady. (But Auntie, that guy is our former minister)

“Aiyah menteri kaa…..semua tipuu punya laa. Semua tarak guna lancau punya laaa….tipu olang jugak….” she said as she drove off. (Minister? All are cheats and useless)

Finally Semi Value was seen walking out of his booth. The reporters dashed to meet him.

“Hi, Datuk Seri, how long have you been working here,” a reporter asked.

“Iiiee have been working fer sometime.” Semi Value replied.

“But sir, why work at a toll booth?” came another question.

“This has been my passion ever since I was a small kid. I had always wanted to be a toll booth operator. It was my dream. My father used to beat me. He said I am useless and that I am only fit to become a sewage worker or garbage collector. That is your destiny, he said.

He said I had no chance of becoming a toll booth operator. I cried day and night. But deep inside this passion was burning. I laid out a plan and I worked towards it.

I told myself, if I am going to be a toll booth operator, I need to control the Public Works department and then build highways and set-up toll booths so I can work in them.

So now, my dream has come true. I have done it,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“This was the only reason why I became a Works minister. I have finally achieved my dream…,” he continued with tears rolling down his cheeks.

The reporters were confused and were not sure if they should share Semi Value’s grievances.

“Woi Semi! Apa lu bikin sama? Time makan sudah habis laaa. Cepat masuk kerja….” Semi’s supervisor was heard shouting from the office. (Hey Semi! Lunch time is over. Get back to work)

“Ok…ok…I have to go. Ok ahhhh…” Semi Value said as he hastily left for his booth.

Semi Value Taking His Work Very Seriously


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