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Many Many Moons and Many Many Men

This is a story of a Red Indian couple who just got married.

After six months,….. …. the wife has not conceived.

So the couple went to seek the help of the Red ‘Chief’ who is also the tribe’s medicine man.

Indian said to the chief: “Many moons come, many moons go; I come, baby no come, how come?”

Chief to Indian: “Young man, go to the ninth mountain over there and come back after nine months”.

After nine months the Indian came back to the village.

He went to his wife and saw his wife carrying a baby.  At once he pulled the wife to see the Chief.

He said to the Chief: “Many moons come, many moons go, I no come, baby come, how come?”

The Chief turned to the wife for an answer.

The wife said: “Many moons come, many moons go, you no come, MANY MEN COME“.


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