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Now these are true die hard fans!!

Now these are true die hard fans!!

Hey, where shall we hang out tonite??? I know! Lets head for the ATM

Hey, where shall we hang out tonite??? I know! Lets head for the ATM

Hmmm......just recovered from xenophobia?

Hmmm......just recovered from xenophobia?

Getting the baby ready for the fast lane....

Getting the baby ready for the fast lane...


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Divine Words of Wisdom From His Holiness Paramahamsa Swami Nithyananda

His Holiness Paramahamsa Swami Nithyananda

His Holiness Paramahamsa Swami Nithyananda

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Aussie Paper Clarifies Report On Beloved Malaysian Prime Minister’s Daughter But People Are Still Confused

Petaling Jaya (5th November 2011): An Australian newspaper has clarified that its report which stated that beloved Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Nabij’s daughter had gone on a shopping spree in Perth was not entirely true.

An online portal reported that The Western Australian, in its “Underhanded Corrections and Clarifications” column, admitted yesterday that someone who looked like and sounded like Nabij’s daughter but is not Nabij’s daughter, was in Perth during the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). The daily had reported earlier that it was 100% certain that it was Nabij’s daughter who was in Perth.

In a report by the Western Australian on Monday about shopping and sightseeing by CHOGM delegates, it was claimed that a daughter of the Malaysian Prime Minister Nabij Razik spent A$60,000 (RM194,000) at a shopping mall.

“The Western Australian acknowledges that this was not the case and that someone who looked like and sounded like Nabij’s daughter but is not Nabij’s daughter was in Perth at the time,” it said in the correction.

Nabij had also clarified on Twitter, which he sent from an undisclosed hotel room in Port Dickson, that the news was not true but also not false but somewhere in between and could probably be something from the twilight zone.

“Don’t believe and spread lies. You either spread or believe lies. You cannot do both la. I don’t know where my daughter was at the time but my wife did not buy any jewellery,” he said in his tweet on Thursday.

The Underwear Allegedly Purchased by The First Lady

“What she purchased was large sized underwear and lingerie. Yes, she had to spend A$150,000 because large sized underwears are very costly in Perth”

“Why are the Malaysian’s people so nosey about what she does? It is our hard-earned money that she is spending. Why can’t she go on shopping spree as she pleases? Can’t she even buy large sized underwear without causing a stir? She is big so she needs large sized underwear. Please understand!” he tweeted.

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Great Malaysian Corporate Leader Tan Sri Muneer Mujid Stresses That World Politicians Must Learn to Deal with Change

Seri Kembangan (5th November 2011): Politicians must learn to deal with change if any country in the world hopes to see through its transformation plans, said great Malaysian corporate leader Tan Sri Muneer Mujid.

Tan Sri Muneer Mujid

Muneer, who was has lead several major corporations in Malaysia, albeit the wrong way, stressed that the greatest challenge the world faced today was what he termed as “political change management”. This brilliant term, was coined by him to address the weakness he has uncovered with politicians the world over, after spending years analyzing himself and the world political landscape.

Taking the example of the Arab Spring, which saw the overthrow of dictatorships in several countries in the Middle East, he said there were common problems globally where obsolete and irresponsible political and corporate practices clashed with ever-changing business and societal needs. He likens this scenario to his very own experience at MAS.

“Politicians don’t know how to manage change properly,” he said at the World Chinese Economic Forum yesterday. “Please come and speak with corporate leaders like me and I will advise you how it is done,” he continued.

Muneer, speaking at a session titled “How To Speak About Transformation When Not Having Done It Yourself When You Had The Chance – The MAS Skrew-Up” pointed out that political change management was critical to ease in the many other elements of a nation’s transformation plan.

The Bank Mamakluat chairman commended Malaysia’s efforts to set benchmarks for its current transformation plan, but noted that it still leaved much to be desired in realising its goals. He said he is speaking from his own experience, having done the same.

“Not sometimes but all the time, Malaysia is good at sloganeering, but never in execution,” he said. “This is the same case with me but we are not talking about me right now, are we?” he said concluding his speech.

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Beloved Malaysian Prime Minister Launches the 1Malaysia Meal Coupon To Enable All Malaysians To Have Proper Meals

MECCA (4th November 2011): The beloved Prime Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Seri Haji Nabij today launched the 1Malaysia Meal Coupon in Mecca.

This is another product introduced by the beloved Prime Minister under his 1Malaysia line of products. Among other products recently introduced under the 1Malaysia brand includes the 1Malaysia Meal, 1Malaysia Menu, Kedai 1Malaysia, 1Malaysia Housing Program, 1Malaysia Clinic and others.

The 1Malaysia Meal Coupon

The 1 Malaysia Meal Coupon can be purchased by all Malaysian from post offices nationwide for the price of RM3 per coupon, from 8th November onwards. An individual is only entitled to 5 coupons per week and only Malaysian above the age of 21 years are eligible to purchase these coupons. The coupon will allow Malaysians to purchase meals worth RM13 for the price of RM3 from all participating restaurants.

Several hundred thousand of illegal immigrants, who were recently granted Malaysian citizenship, are also eligible to purchase these coupons, regardless of age. Each immigrant is also entitled to 5 coupons per week but in addition to this they will also receive 5 free coupons which allows them to purchase a slice of one-side buttered bread.

When asked why this additional coupon for new citizens, the Prime Minister replied that this is given as a token to welcome the new citizens and also to remind them which side to lean when the time comes. He didn’t elaborate further.

On the coupon, the beloved Prime Minister is pictured chatting up a cashier and displaying a dish to show Malaysians what they will be entitled for, with the RM3 coupon. He said that the dish, which includes 2 cups of rice, two pieces of chicken, fried beef, bean sprouts and papadam, and with an actual cost of RM13, will be made the official 1Malaysian Meal and will complement the 1Malaysia Meal introduced by KFC. To avoid any confusion, this new dish will be called 1Malaysia Meal 2.0. He also cautioned Malaysians that the cashiers are off-limits.

During his speech, the beloved Prime Minister mentioned that he is constantly thinking about the Malaysian people. And this idea to introduce the 1Malaysian Meal Coupon came like a flash to him. He went on to say that all these efforts undertaken by him and the BN government shows how much they care for the Malaysian people. He reminded Malaysians to count their blessings as he is presently doing at the Holyland.

The launch ceremony was abuzz with the catchy 1Malaysia Meal Coupon phrase “Now everyone can eat”.

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