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Malaysia Loses to New Zealand in Sultan Azlan Shah Cup Hockey Tournament

It came as a shock to Malaysian that their hockey team had conceded a second defeat in the Sultan Azlan Shah Cup tournament. This time around they were defeated by the Kiwis, who had frightened them from the onset with the Haka dance. Unfortunately and to the disadvantage of the Malaysian, this dance is not banned in the state of Perak, where this tournament is held. A Perak official when contacted had said that he will take this matter up at the next state exco meeting.

The Malaysia team captain, Yang Bahagia Tun Datuk Seri Tan Sri Atan Bakar, when interviewed right after the match, had attributed the defeat to the psychological pressure the team was undergoing. When questioned further, he and the team cannot take the fact that an opposition leader had insulted our beloved Prime Minister. The opposition leader was alleged to have used uncivilized language by calling the Prime Minister a ‘pandi kutty’ (Tamil for piglet). “We had a hard time shedding this thought. Although our beloved Prime Minister is not losing sleep over this, we are losing matches”, said the team captain, YBTDSTS Atan Bakar.  “The team was constantly plagued by vision of piglets running around the field and this was made more horrific by visions of kiwis pecking at the piglets” he continued.

“How can he make such a remark?” he said feeling very tormented. “We are 1 Malaysia you know”, he said. “When we are 1 Malaysia, you cannot say such things.”  A high ranking team official, when spoken to after the game, said that the team will have to reevaluate their position. “We have a good team, you know. But we are a bit unlucky, if the New Zealand people are not given the corner kick, then sure we can get a draw la. But no luck la. From the side also the ball can go in. Unbelievable. Its okay. This is our destiny. We accept it. This is Gods will. We have done our best. We will have a feast to appease the Gods. Hopefully we will make it in the next game.”

Malaysia is set to play againt Korea next. “Kita korek sama dia” said the official.


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