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MIC Vice-President Datuk M. Salavanan Tells Beloved Prime Minister Nabij that All Malaysian Indians are Grateful and Indebted to the Malaysian Government

BUKIT MERTAJAM (21st October 2011): Datuk M. Salavanan said that the Malaysian Indians are very grateful and indebted to the Malaysian Government and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Nabij for taking firm measures to uplift the economic status of the Malaysian Indian community. When asked how he knows that the Malaysian Indians are grateful to the Malaysian government, he said he can telephatically read the minds of all Malaysian Indians.

Datuk M. Salavanan

MIC vice-president Datuk M. Salavanan said that the community valued Nabij’s efforts in single-handedly lifting the Indians out of poverty over the past 2 years and ensuring they have a better living standard by allocating a lot of funds in the 2012 Budget.

He cited examples of successful Indians such as himself, Datuk Seri S. Semi Value and other prominent MIC members as the result of Barisan’s efforts to uplift the living standards of the Indians.

Salavanan, who is Deputy Minister of Federal Territory and Urban Wellbeing, said this was the first time that the Malaysian Government had set aside RM100mil for Tamil schools and RM500 million for refurbishment of temples nationwide. He said MIC will manage and distribute the funds as deemed fit.

The government has also established the Amanah Ikhtiar fund for the Indians to venture into small businesses such as manufacturing of prayer items, setting up garland & flower makeshift stalls and car-wash centers among others. Apart from that, this fund will be used to organize many singing competition, talent shows and 7 aside football matches.

Deepavali Food Distribution to Indians

He said this during a Deepavali aid presentation of food and prayer items sponsored by MK. Raja brand for the less fortunate here on Wednesday.

Also present were Penang MIC chief Senator P.K. Subayah, Bukit Mertajam MIC chief Datuk K.R. Murugian, Bukit Mertajam parliamentary ICU officer and state MCA secretary Lau CT, Padang Lalang ICU officer TT Cheng, Bukit Mertajam PPP division chief J. Chandrameehoon.

The event was jointly organized by Bukit Mertajam MIC, PPP divisions and the Taman Selamat Tamil Youth Bell Club.

He asked the Malaysian Indians to repent and vote for the Barisan Nasional as it is the only coalition that knows how to govern Malaysia and it is the only coalition that knows how to treat the Indians in Malaysia.

“We have rectified all our mistakes where in the past we thought the Indians did not know that we were not doing anything for them. Today we know that the Indians know that we did not do anything for them. So we urge the Malaysian Indians to give us a chance to do something instead of nothing, for them. We can only do something if the Indians vote us in. Otherwise we cannot do anything.”

“The Indians must remember that only MIC & Barisan Nasional knows how to treat the Indians. The Indians must return their support to the MIC and Barisan for successful continuation of this treatment. The continuity of this treatment is important and only the MIC and Barisan Nasional understand how to administer this treatment,” he said.


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